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Recreation Graz
18.7.2012 List Halle mehr »

Slovak Radio Symph. Orchestra
7.7.2012 Pohoda Festival mehr »

Viva Musica! Festival
30.6.2012 Bratislavský hrad mehr »

Viva Musica! Festival
28.6.2012 Stará tržnica mehr »

Recreation Graz
22.6.2012 List Halle mehr »

Recreation Graz
11-12.6.2012 Stefaniensaal mehr »

Recreation Graz
28-29.5.2012 Stefaniensaal mehr »

Slovak Radio Symph. Orchestra
23.5.2012 Bratislava mehr »

Recreation Graz
16-17.4.2012 Stefaniensaal mehr »

Slovak Radio Symph. Orchestra
28.3.2012 Bratislava mehr »

Recreation Graz
21.3.2012 Stadttheater Wels mehr »

Recreation Graz
19-20.3.2012 Stefaniensaal mehr »

Solamente naturali
13.3.2012 Bratislava mehr »

Stefan Reiter spielt Solo
1.3.2012 Bratislava mehr »

Recreation Graz
27-28.2.2012 Stefaniensaal mehr »

Slovak Radio Symph. Orchestra
22.2.2012 Bratislava mehr »

11.2.2012 Bratislava mehr »

Recreation Graz
23-24.1.2012 Stefaniensaal mehr »

Ball der Wiener Philharmoniker
19.1.2012 Wien mehr »

Cesty k sebe
15.1.2012 Pezinok mehr »

Aktuellen - Solamente naturali

Solamente naturali, 1.12.2010 Staatsoper Prag
Johann Christian Bach - Amadis de Gaule

Miloš Valent, umelecký vedúci
Solamente naturali, Orchester
Musica Florea, Orchester und Chor
Didier Talpain, dirigent
Philippe Do, Tenor
Katia Velletaz, Sopran
Pierre-Yves Pruvot, Bariton
Hjördis Thébault, Sopran
Liliana Faraon, Sopran

Amadis de Gaule is the perfect embodiment of a knight. Beautiful Oriane returns his love but the wicked enchantress Arcabonne and her brother Arcalaüs make dark and perfidious plots. Will good triumph over evil in the end??

Amadis de Gaule is the last opera composed by Johann Christian Bach. Commissioned in 1779 by the Royal Academy of Music, the then Opéra de Paris, it was composed in French. Its instrumentation is particularly meticulous and reminiscent of Mozarts Don Giovanni (composed eight years later) or Beethovens Fidelio (1805).

The French Institutes of Prague and Bratislava and the Palazzetto Bru Zane (Centre for French Romantic Music) collaborated to revive this lyrical masterpiece. The opera, for seventy artists, will be presented on November 26, 2010 in Bratislava on the occasion of the Bratislava Music Festival, and on December 1 at the Prague State Opera.


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